COVID-19 has taken the world into uncharted territories. People all over the world are trying to cope up with the new normal. While some businesses are thriving and some people are unaffected, there are lot of less fortunate people. Together, we can offer a helping hand. When you purchase the items below, 100% of the proceedings from the sales are contributed to the causes mentioned below. We work with Care and Share to collect and distribute the funds. Care and Share is a 501 c(3) organization. Your contributions are employer-match eligible and may be tax-deductible, please consult your financial advisor. The causes are:

1. Helping Low-Income Students with Online Classroom. In Kerala, India, schools are using TV channels to conduct online studies. We are targeting low income families who cannot afford a TV. Each TV costs about $100. Our initial target is to support 15 students at Vimala Hrudaya School, Kollam.

2. Supporting low income families in Washington State through Issaquah School Foundation, with funds above $1500 needed for cause #1. 


You could also make a donation by clicking the button below and enter any amount you like to donate. Your donations are tax deductible. Please note that under a new CARES Act rule, you can deduct up to $300 on your taxes without having to itemize your deductions for your 2020 taxes. (More info on the IRS website)

We will update this site with every sale we make and every donation we receive. When we deploy funds, we will also update with proof of distribution. Thank you for your support. Together, let us make a difference.

Current Status of Fundraiser:

        Paintings  : $625

        Donations: $1350

        Potential company matches: $375

       Total = $2350

Note: After you make the purchase, we will contact you within 48 hours to arrange pickup or delivery. We do not offer any shipping at this time.

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