Thank You!


COVID-19 has taken the world into uncharted territories. People all over the world are trying to cope up with the new normal. While some businesses are thriving and some people are unaffected, there are lot of less fortunate people. I thought, together, we can offer a helping hand. I did the charity fundraiser with the following causes in mind:

1. Helping Low-Income Students with Online Classroom. In Kerala, India, schools are using TV channels to conduct online studies. We are targeting low income families who cannot afford a TV. Each TV costs about $100. Our initial target was to support 10 students at Vimala Hrudaya School, Kollam. But through your amazing support, we were able to support 16 students. Thank you! I have shared the pictures below.

2. Supporting low income families in Washington State through Issaquah School Foundation, with funds above what is needed for cause #1. 

Details of Fundraiser:

        Paintings  : $625

        Donations: $1350

        Potential company matches: $375

       Total = $2350


We worked with Care and Share to collect and distribute the funds. Care and Share is a 501 c(3) organization. 

Once again thank you for helping to make a difference!

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